Resch Electronics repairs hi-fi, car stereo, tv, plasma and lcd panels. Supplies spares and repairs blenders, shavers, coffee machines, UHF radios and other appliances.

The Resch front office and reception area.

A low low book in fee, makes Resch Electronics first choice for getting that stereo with crackly sound checked out or that coffee maker that makes real coffee taste like instant, looked at.

Resch has been in business for more than 30 years. Resch's main areas of repair expertise are in TV, DVD, Hi-Fi, Car Stereo, Plasma panel, LCD panel, UHF CB Radio and domestic and commercial appliance repairs. Resch are also expert at UHF and Car Stereo Installation.

Daryl, the man in charge wielding his managerial charm against a dodgy urn.

The current owners of Resch Electronic repairs, Daryl and Marion took over control 6 years ago. In that time they have expanded the business, increasing dramatically the range of shaver, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker and other appliance parts and accessories, while still continuing to improve the service on the electronic repair front where Resch built it's excellent reputation.

Geoff, master audio tech ,booking in a coffee machine for repair.

Resch employ three technicians who are each specialists in they're own different aspects of electronics and electrical repair. Geoff takes care of the stereo, Hi-Fi, car stereo and UHF radio repairs. Stan is the man for TV, Video, pipe camera and other tricky electronic repairs, and John takes care of all the appliance repairs, his area of expertise is tasting the results after fixing the coffee makers.

Cindy (not pictured) will find your finished repair in here somewhere.

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