Resch Electronics repairs hi-fi, car stereo, tv, plasma and lcd panels. Supplies spares and repairs blenders, shavers, coffee machines, UHF radios and other appliances.

Geoff (above) showing off his movie star, walk up the red carpet at the Oscars pose.

Going on the big trip? Need a UHF radio, CD player or navigation system installed in your "rig"? Geoff is the man to see at Resch. Not only is a he a talented tech who takes great pride in his work, but he's a genuinely nice guy as well.

Geoff handles most of the UHF, Hi-Fi, stereo system and car stereo repairs at Resch Electronics. He also does all of the car stereo and UHF installs in cars, trucks, campervans and caravans.

Resch will repair your stereo amplifer, CD player etc.

Good HiFi equipment is almost always worth fixing. Bring in your amplifier, CD player, tape deck etc and Geoff will give you a quote.

Geoff is a qualified electronics technician with more than 20 years experience as a tradesman. He did his apprenticeship at Resch back in the year 'dot'. Since then he has received specialised training in various brands but most recently from JVC.

Geoff loves nothing more than getting his teeth into the innards of some piece of electronics as pictured.

Geoff takes great care to make sure every item he fixes is fixed first time. After 28 years on the tools he gets it right 99.999% of the time.

Resch can fix speakers and replace drivers as nesesary from the huge range available to them.

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