Resch Electronics repairs hi-fi, car stereo, tv, plasma and lcd panels. Supplies spares and repairs blenders, shavers, coffee machines, UHF radios and other appliances.

Resch tv's new and old.

TV gone up in smoke? Although rumour suggests that once the smoke is out it can't be put back, Stan (the TV tech at Resch Electronics) manages to.

Stan is the man to see if you need your TV, Plasma or LCD fixed. His years of experience with televisions of all types and brands allows him to fix your set promptly and reliably.

Resch will fix your plasma

Stan can sort out your plasma.

In the image to the left Stan's hands a shown desoldering a faulty component from a neck board of a Television he is repairing. We would have shown more of him but the photographer was concerned for the health of his lens.
Resch is an agent for JVC tv and LCD panel repairs

He also fixes LCD and good old CRT TV's.

Stan also can repair pipe cameras and other pieces of commercial electronics. Give Resch a call and see if they can help with your commercial electronics problems on the Gold Coast.
Resch will fix your pipe camera.

When not fixing TV's he is sorting out pipe cameras and other tricky electronics repairs that Geoff can't handle.

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