Resch Electronics repairs hi-fi, car stereo, tv, plasma and lcd panels. Supplies spares and repairs blenders, shavers, coffee machines, UHF radios and other appliances.

Resch stocks a range of antennas, radios, gps.

Going on the big trip? Need a UHF radio, CD player or navigation system installed in your "rig"? Geoff is the man to see at Resch. Not only is a he a talented tech who takes great pride in his work, but he's a genuinely nice guy as well. Cough cough!!!

Geoff Kinzett is the man to see if you need something installed in your car, van, truck, campervan, caravan, boat or snowmobile. He has been installing UHF CB radios and car stereo equipment for longer than he cares to remember. In more recent times he has been fitting Garmin and various other brand GPS navigation systems.

Resch installs car radios, cd players, cb radios and gps systems.

Geoff enjoys nothing more than squirming around on the floor of a car contorting himself appropriately so as to fit the radio in the dash.

Not only can Resch Electronics install your new CB, but they can supply it and a range of useful accessories including brackets, antennas, cable and plugs.
Resch supply and install Garmin GPS.

Pictured is one of he new affordable Garmin GPS navigation units for your car or 4WD.

Resch can supply any GME UHF radio product you need. Most are in stock ready to be installed.
Resch sell GME UHF CB's.

The popular removable front GME models are usually in-stock.

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